Evidence of a ZnCr2Se4 Spinel Inclusion at the Core of a Cr-Doped ZnSe Quantum Dot- Dr. Strouse

Prof. Strouse’s recent article “Evidence of a ZnCr2Se4 Spinel Inclusion at the Core of a Cr-Doped ZnSe Quantum Dot”(DOI: DOI: 10.1021/ja210285p) in the Journal of the American Chemical Society  was highlighted by Chemistry Views (DOI: 10.1002/chemv.201200037), an on-line magazine from Wiley-VCH  and  Chem Pub Soc Europe.  The highlighted article addresses a recent discovery where intentional spinel  inclusions can be formed within a quantum dot lattice.  The exciting results suggest shifts the paradigm for making dilute magnetic semiconductor quantum dots (DMSQD), a material that holds the interest for  chemists, physicist, and engineers alike due to the ability to manipulate  s-p-d orbital exchange in an otherwise non-magnetic host lattice.  Such DMSQD materials reflect the potential of such materials for quantum computing, spintronics, magneto-resistive, and magneto-optical applications.  The reported manuscript by a INSI program member probes the underlying chemistry and physics of incorporating dopant ions into a growing quantum dot in order to control the magnetic properties of the materials.  The effort by the Strouse group  is part of a team of researchers including research from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Prof. Dalal) and the University of Maine (Prof. Rob Meulenberg).