Micro/Nanoparticles- Dr. Guan

INSI researchers in the Guan group have developed a novel method for producing micro/nanoparticles based on microcontact printing and layer-by-layer assembly as described in Small (2011). The Figure below shows fluorescence micrographs of some of the particles: (A) “FSU” particles. (B) Butterfly particles. (C) Dots-on-a-pad particles. (D) Porous particles. (E) Mixed particles. (F) A particle (pointed by arrowhead) attached to a live cell. The particles have potential applications for drug delivery and biomedical imaging.

Contact: Jingjiao Guan. Email: guan@eng.fsu.edu

 Peipei Zhang, Jingjiao Guan, Fabrication of Multilayered Microparticles by Integrating Layer-by-Layer Assembly and MicroContact Printing, Small (2011) 7( 21):  2998–3004.

Link to the paper: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/smll.201101238/abstract