Integrative NanoScience Institute


About The Integrative NanoScience Institute


The central objective of the Institute is to build on the existing efforts and to create a world-class comprehensive bio-nanoscience program at the interface of Physics, Chemistry, materials science, device engineering, molecular biology, imaging and sensing.

The Scope of Activities:

Coalesce and integrate research and teaching activities centered on bio-nanoscience. Promote interactions and collaboration across disciplines and departments at FSU. Foster innovation and technological advances in bio-nanoscience related areas ranging from fundamental research to technological applications. Facilitate the transition of research ideas with great potential for application to industry.

The Benefits of INSI

The institute will encourage cross department and cross-disciplinary interactions and collaborations throughout FSU campus. Research activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology have witnessed explosive growth in the past 10-15 years, with tremendous potential for fundamental science and technological advances. Applications of the research have permeated numerous aspects of everyday life ranging from electronic devices, catalysis, biological imaging and sensing, drug delivery, and even the construction industry. INSI offers unique cross disciplinary training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral associates.

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